Business History

We are a locally owned business that traces its history back to 1974 when the   company was founded by James T. Carter. We began operating as a welding repair business, with four trucks servicing area contractors, utilities, and scrap yards. We purchased the property at our current site and incorporated in 1991. Our business has expanded substantially with floor space tripling and service offerings expanded to include the full range of Weld services; fabricate and/or repair Steel, Cast, Aluminum, Stainless structures (in-house or on-site); also welding of small-lot, piece part and assembly Weldments for other area Fabricators. We will work with our customers from the beginning of the product development cycle, adding value wherever we can. Throughout our growth, we have maintained our focus on developing and strengthening customer relationships. There is no better form of advertisement than word of mouthreferrals by a satisfied customer.

Management Team

Our management team has over 50 years of experience in the welding industry and has recognized experts in the field of welding. Mr. Carter, the company founder, has been a member of the American Welding Society (AWS) since 1966 and has served as chairman of the Peoria, Illinois section (1994-1995). Through the building of a sound relationship based on mutual respect and trust, we want our customers to view Pekin Weldors’, Inc. as an extension of their organization and leverage their own expertise in welding through assistance from us. Please contact any one of our management team shown below for assistance in developing solutions to your welding needs.

V.P. of Customer Services: Gerald W. Carter
President & C.F.O: Carol J. Carter
Founder & C.E.O.: James T. Carter

Our Customers

Pekin Weldors’, Inc. serves a broad range of customers in the heavy equipment, agricultural, telecommunications, contracting and utilities industries. We are a specialty welding supplier Caterpillar, Inc. and many others. As a second tier supplier, our weldments go into many OEM products manufactured by companies such as Caterpillar, Inc., John Deere and Clark Equipment.

Our customers know that they can count on us to provide high quality, cost effective support in a timely manner and we are a certified supplier to many of the local machining and fabrication job shops.The importance of the customer relationship cannot be overemphasized. Through trust and sharing of scarce resources, the growth and profitability of both the customer and our organization will be realized. We want our customers to view Pekin Weldors’, Inc. as a member of their team, an extension of their in-house process capability.

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