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Pekin Weldors’, Inc. has the capability of welding a broad range of part sizes and geometries in a variety of materials. We have fabricated everything from small bracket assemblies to the chassis of modern racecars. Some examples of the products we have fabricated include:
  • Tooling (Press Work, Stamping)
  • Fixtures
  • Heat Treat Furnace Pallets
  • Engine Blocks
  • Pipe Welding
  • Ornamental Iron Security & Decorative Structures
  • Telecommunications Tower Components
  • Storage Racks/Shelving Units/Storage Bins
  • Mechanical Wear Components
  • Complex Components
  • Specialty Fabrications
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Strategic Partnerships
Metals on Factory — Welding Repairs in North Pekin, IL
Pekin Weldors’, Inc. made a decision many years ago to concentrate our efforts on being a premier provider of standard and specialty welding services. We believe a company should focus on what it does best and strive to be the best of class. However, we understand that many times a customer wants a service provider to be a total solutions source and function as a one-stop shop. We have established key partnerships with several local, high precision, machining and fabrication job shops to off-load machining requirements or specialty process needs. Due to the close proximity of our partners, we can often get same day turnaround on many of our needs. These relationships allow us to be a just in time supplier for our customers.
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