Pekin Weldors’, Inc. is a full service welding services company in North Pekin, IL, committed to providing high quality, cost effective solutions to our customers’ welding and fabrication needs. We focus our efforts on being a reliable partner for our customers and our goal is to develop long term relationships with them based on mutual respect and trust.

We provide people and processes to augment key customer welding needs, specifically in three areas: Weld RepairSpecialty Welding, and Production M.I.G. Welding. Our team works to satisfy customer expectations through systematic improvement of all manufacturing and support processes, beginning at the product development stage and continuing throughout the life of the project.

Growth has allowed us to triple the size of our plant while maintaining one to one relationships with our customers. We pride ourselves on being a reliable welding service company with a quick turnaround.

Our People

Our staff of trained welding technicians is among the best in the field. Each operator is required to undergo a rigorous training regimen, including annual certification testing to the stringent A.W.S. D.1.1 specification, to assure that our operators have the capability of delivering defect free, reliable weldments. Although our staff has over 50 years of welding experience, we seek continuous improvement through a training program to maintain consistent, high-quality welding capabilities.

Exceeding customer expectations is the centerpiece of our quality initiative. We will combine resources with key customer quality assurance media and personnel to assure procedure and specification compliance. Since many of our customers are OEMs in the heavy equipment and agricultural industries, we understand the importance of maintaining an effective quality system and consistent processes. We are capable of meeting many of the documentation requirements, including Statistical Process Control (SPC), Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) and normal Certification of Compliance (C of C) requirements.

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